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What corporate e-commerce package we can offer?

GBO offers a complete solution for online businesses that want to establish a strong financial and corporate structure according to specific business needs.

Like any company, online businesses need to make sure that all components of their organization are solid from the moment the business is created. This includes choosing the jurisdiction where they will incorporate the company as this will have a major impact on the company’s financial activities. Your choice of jurisdiction to register your company will affect whether or not you can open a bank account in the EU; connect to a payment services provider; open a merchant account etc.

Financial e-commerce package includes:

GBO offers a full-solution offshore e-commerce package that includes:

  • Incorporation of an e-commerce company
  • Opening a bank account for your e-commerce business in Europe
  • Best high-risk e-commerce merchant account and payment service provider for your e-commerce business.

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Incorporation of your e-commerce business

E-commerce bank account solutions

Opening a bank account is a vital part of any business setup and there are several factors that should be considered especially if your business is an e-commerce website. Take into consideration the questions the bank will ask of you before assessing your business and deciding whether to grant or deny your application.

  • Will you want to supply customers with your IBAN number so that they can make direct bank transfers to your account?
  • Will you pass the compliance and KYC regulations?
  • When you are being considered by the bank as a potential new client will your company’s risk score be low enough?
  • Does the bank accept clients in your e-commerce field?
  • Does the bank accept clients from your company’s jurisdiction?
  • The bank will want to know who the ultimate beneficial owners of your company are; the source of your funds; average turnover and location of the majority of your customers and suppliers.

When establishing an e-commerce business you must pay special attention to your choice of jurisdiction; management structure; choice of directors; shareholders and more. You can choose to establish your e-commerce company in a European country or in an “offshore” country like Belize or Seychelles. An offshore company is broadly speaking defined as a company established in a country other than the company owner’s country of residence. If you choose to establish your company in a European country or an offshore country will impact the workings of your business in many ways.

Many professionals do not recommend setting up an offshore company as it can lead to complications with taxation and banking. Some banks will not do business with offshore companies. Setting up an offshore company may be cheaper and easier but it can mean complications in the future.

Offshore Merchant Account – A bank account specifically for e-commerce businesses established in a non-resident country. With an offshore merchant account, the e-business can process payments and conduct other transactions even if they are in a high-risk industry like gaming, affiliation or firearms. Businesses in these high-risk categories have a hard time opening merchant accounts in their country of residence and so offshore merchant banks provide a solution.

Offshore bank account for your e-commerce businesses

All businesses, including e-commerce businesses, must have a bank account otherwise they cannot receive payments from clients; pay suppliers; get a business debit card; pay for online services or make other financial transactions. If your business does not have a bank account you cannot conduct mobile online banking. Choosing the “best” bank for your business is subjective. You need to know exactly what the bank can do for your business and whether it fulfills your business banking need. That is where GBO comes in.

Merchant Account and Payment Services Provider for your e-Commerce Business

If you have an online business you will need to accept client payments by credit card, prepaid card, debit card etc. In order to accept online payments for your products, you need to have a payment page, shopping cart and payment system on your website. A payment service provider (PSP) makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to accept electronic payments by a number of payment methods including cards.

GBO eCommerce Business Package

GBO’s e-commerce business package is geared towards the banking and corporate aspects of e-commerce solutions including company incorporation, banking and merchant services. With our guidance, you can establish a successful and profitable e-commerce company

e-Commerce Electronic Payment methods

e-Commerce businesses should be able to accept payments via as many payment methods as possible. Among the most popular e-payment methods are digital valet systems like Paypal which offer an end-to-end customized payment solution. With digital wallet systems, customers can buy directly from your e-commerce website. Electronic money services will require certain information about your business before taking you on as a client including a full KYC. Once you have implemented a PSP such as Paypal on your website you’ll be able to accept card payments.

Payment gateways for e-commerce businesses  

Online payment gateways offer services for processing payment information for payments made online. The main advantage of online payment gateways is that they can be implemented on your website quickly and easily and at a minimal cost. Using online payment gateways makes the checkout process of your website streamline and speedy.

Offshore jurisdictions for e commerce businesses

It is possible to incorporate your e-commerce business in an offshore jurisdiction like Belize, Curacao, Seychelles etc. Registering your company in an offshore jurisdiction can be cheaper and quicker however you must take into consideration that you may run into problems. Companies incorporated offshore can have unpleasant run-ins with the tax authorities in their home country (you’ll still need to declare on your company and pay the relevant taxes). Companies incorporated in offshore jurisdictions may also encounter problems when they try to open a business bank account. Traditional banks and virtual banks both have issues with offshore companies when it comes to compliance.

Onshore options for e-commerce businesses

For a safe and secure option that will stand the test of time, onshore incorporation is usually best. Choose a European jurisdiction like Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria that has a low corporate tax. In this way, your business will be fully legitimate and you will not encounter problems when opening a business bank account. In our professional opinion, we strongly recommend that you incorporate your e-commerce business onshore in a European jurisdiction.

e-Commerce businesses need to use the best possible payment and banking solutions to create a streamlined method for receiving and sending funds. Without efficient e-commerce banking solutions, businesses can come up against endless problems that can even lead to the failure of the business. The best e-commerce banking solutions should provide a wide range of payment methods for customers across the globe. e-Businesses need to offer payment methods that suit customers in diverse locations so that they can use the specific localized payment method that they are comfortable in their part of the world.

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