Financial technology in a nutshell

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The term "fintech" has become a buzzword over the last five or so years, but in the space of that time, it has come to mean a substantially different aspect of modern banking and finance. At the start of the last decade, there was a significant…

Moving to Digital Payment in Banking

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Introduction to Digital Payments The banking world had been changing rapidly over the first 20 years of this century. Activity shifted increasingly from traditional commercial banks built on conventional street-level face-to-face interactions…

Watch these new developments in Cryptocurrency

To start, try to forget what you have associated the term 'cryptocurrency' with. Because of past experience the first thoughts that come up are ransomware, the dark web, and most importantly, Bitcoin. These thoughts bring fears of speculation,…

Largest Electronic Money Institutions in Europe

Electronic Money Institutions in Europe were first authorized under regulations ‘E-Money Directive (Directive 2009/110/EC)’ and ‘European Communities Electronic Money Regulations 2011’

The Netherlands Looks Set to Legalise Online Gambling

Currently, the Netherlands government mostly prohibits online gambling, only allowing sites operating within the Netherlands to accept Dutch players. Things have recently started moving in a positive direction for legalized online gambling,…