Company Formation World-Wide

The Importance of Choosing the Optimum Form of Legal Entity for your Business

Before registering your business you will need to determine the type of legal entity that best suits your business. Defining the kind of legal entity your business will be is vital to the future of your enterprise and will affect every aspect of the company from your personal liability to the way you file your company taxes.

Forming a Company in Jurisdictions across the Globe

There are many aspects to consider when starting a new business including the fundamental business concept; funding; marketing; regulations and more. However one of the most important points to determine with any new business is the jurisdiction where your new business will be registered and established. GBO can help you choose from the 100+ jurisdictions worldwide where to incorporate your company.

list of Jurisdictions

  • Luxembourg
    United Kingdom (UK)
    Hong Kong
  • Bulgaria
    Czech Republic

The Most Common Legal Entity – LLC

The most common legal entity is the limited liability corporation (LLC) or LTD (limited). Having an LLC company allows you to limit your personal liability or responsibility for company debts or lawsuits. The liability is limited to the amount you have invested or guaranteed to the company. An LLC is a separate entity from its owners or shareholders and a bank account can be opened in the LLC’s name; the company can own property; pay taxes in the name of the company not the name of the owners; assume liability; enter into contracts and be sued as an individual entity. The LLC allows for the legal protection of a corporation but with the tax benefits of a partnership, which is an ideal situation especially for new and small businesses. Read here for a guide to company documentation.

To help you determine which form of legal entity best suits the present and future needs of your company contact GBO for details about optimum business structures

Company Formation for Businesses in Specific Industries

GBO’s customers include those in the IT industry; Technology SaaS; communications; eCommerce; eCommerce SaaS platforms; technology-related import/export businesses and businesses which operate internationally including those with a Euro-zone clientele.

E-Commerce Stores must be registered as a certain type of legal entity and operate according to certain regulations including opening bank accounts and having an organized payment system in place. Incorporated e-commerce businesses can be managed legally with all the correct documentation and procedures including receiving payments from customers; issuing invoices to suppliers and entering into legal contracts through the correct corporate structure. Not only online stores but other online business (media, tourism, affiliates, media etc.) can also enjoy the benefits of having their venture legally registered as an incorporated company.

Gaming industry businesses have specific requirements and can only be registered and operate in certain jurisdictions. This is significantly more straightforward when the business is registered as the correct type of legal entity.

Real Estate professionals incorporate their businesses offshore in order to deal with commercial real estate internationally. In this way real estate professionals can do property licensing via the offshore company and benefit from tax regulations in the country where the property was purchased. This also makes ongoing management of the property easier and ensures transparency for property investors.

CBD industry is booing in the last couple of years. We offer unique corporate services for CBD company formation and CBD business bank account.

Companies seeking to expand and operate internationally can establish branches across the globe by registering companies in various jurisdictions – the most viable way of doing this is through an offshore company. Companies can follow the example of industry giants like Google, e-bay and Amazon which have all incorporated multiple offshore companies over the last decade.

To help you determine which form of legal entity best suits the present and future needs of your company contact GBO for details about optimum business structures

Before registering your business in any jurisdiction you must evaluate which legal entity type best suits your business vision. Then look at the business and legal implications of incorporating your business in a particular jurisdiction.

GBO uses its accumulated experience to guide businesses through the registration process in jurisdictions across the globe. Our expertise includes incorporating offshore companies and opening international corporate business accounts. We are one of the top service providers worldwide with a stellar reputation for efficient, thorough and always discreet service.

GBO offers a range of professional services and can assist you and your company through the establishment process of a new corporation.

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