Understanding the main platform models on which banks will be building in future

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Open Banking is here to stay, thanks to central regulation along with marketing initiatives by individual banks. By integrating third-party innovations introduced as open APIs, banks can create a new framework that supports the realities of…

Moving to Digital Payment in Banking

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Introduction to Digital Payments The banking world had been changing rapidly over the first 20 years of this century. Activity shifted increasingly from traditional commercial banks built on conventional street-level face-to-face interactions…

Largest Electronic Money Institutions in Europe

Electronic Money Institutions in Europe were first authorized under regulations ‘E-Money Directive (Directive 2009/110/EC)’ and ‘European Communities Electronic Money Regulations 2011’

Features of International Business Bank Accounts

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Read in our guide all about international business bank accounts - How to choose where to set up a Business Bank Account. Click to receive bank account opening

How to Accept International Wire Transfers

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If you live in a EU country, you can simply visit a bank to open an account by showing proof of address or open an account online

Digital Technology in European Banks

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Learn about the future technology in banking world today. Digitalizing Technology in the European Financial Sector and many more interesting news about banking and fintech