Getting a Curacao eGaming License

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Curacao eGaming License Jurisdiction

Curacao is located about 65km north of the Venezuelan coast; it has a population of approximately 150,000 and its capital is Willemstad. Curacao was part of the six Netherland Antilles islands until 2010 when it became a constituent country of Netherland. This means it has its own administrative jurisdiction and government but is part of the larger Kingdom of the Netherlands. As part of the Netherlands but not geographically part of Europe Curacao has unique advantages. Curacao has the benefits of the EU without being in the EU or being subject to Europe’s high taxes. This has made Curacao a popular jurisdiction for online gaming licensing.

Gaming and eGaming in Curacao

In Curacao egaming is regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority (CIGA) while land-based gaming companies are regulated by Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB). The CIGA can issue egaming licenses to companies from around the world under certain conditions. Both regulatory bodies come under the Minister of Justice.

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    Curacao egaming licenses are in demand for several reasons:

    • Curacao egaming licenses are relatively easy to obtain and there are minimal requirements.
    • One license is issued to cover all forms of online gaming, software and egaming service providers (no need to apply for multiple licenses).
    • Curacao egaming licenses are relatively low-cost.
    • The license application process in Curacao can take as little as 6 weeks to complete.

    Basic Prerequisites for a Curacao eGaming License

    In addition to the required paperwork a company applying for a Curacao gaming license (or a regular land-based gaming license) must incorporate their company as a local legal entity in one of the island’s “e-Zones.” The gaming company must have a local managing director (certified by the Curacao Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and have at least a portion of their hardware based in Curacao. This may sound complicated but in reality it is easily accomplished and if you need any help GBO can guide you through the process.

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