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The 20 TOP Upcoming Payments Conferences in 2020

In 2020 we can look forward to a packed calendar of payments events with many summits, payments conferences and expos across the globe. It is vital for payments professionals that want to stay ahead in their field to attend these important events. At 2020 payments events you will have the unique opportunity to network with fellow professionals; present yourself to leaders in the industry, gain invaluable knowledge and find solutions for any issues you are having with your business. Here is a breakdown of the top 2020 payments expos, payments conferences and payments events.

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Payments Summit 2020

Payments Summit 2020 will be attended by movers-and-shakers of the payments industry. There will be a packed schedule of networking events, keynote speakers and forum meetings. At Payments Summit 2020 Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payments Forum present a wide range of topics from open transit systems, FinTech, mobile wallets and EMV chip technology to NF, transit payments and more. Card and payments professionals will benefit from attending the U.S. Forum All-Member Meeting which brings together the crème de la crème of the industry. Attendees will be the first to learn of the latest payments solutions that will increase security and make the payments process faster.

Date: February 2020

Location: USA

MPE Berlin Conference

MPE (Merchant Payments Ecosystem) Berlin Conference is Europe’s largest event of its kind. Over 1,000 attendees are expected including merchants, solution providers, regulators, MNOs, acquiring banks and PSPs mainly from Europe but also internationally. There will be over 140 speakers; almost 100 presentations and case studies; over 50 sessions covering a wide range of subjects and over 75 exhibitors presenting cutting-edge POS and payments solutions. Of course there will also be unparalleled networking opportunities. Among the hot topics for the 2020 conference will be European card acquisition, mobile payments and more. The event includes the prestigious MPE 2020 awards ceremony where industry leaders will be recognized for their contribution to the industry.

Organizer: MPE

Date: February 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

PayExpo Europe 2020

As the UK’s largest payments event and one of Europe’s most important payments events PayExpo Europe 2020 should definitely be on your list of events to attend in 2020. The event focuses on solutions for making payments easier, faster and more secure with an emphasis on the consumers’ ever-changing needs, attitudes and habits. PayExpo Europe is attended by merchants, MNOs, gaming operators, gaming licenses, startups, service providers, investors and innovators, gaming bank accounts. There will be panel discussions, over 150 speakers, workshops and more than 70 exhibitors. Topics covered will include gaming payments, security, card payments, connected commerce and evolving banking. This is the place to connect with industry leaders; have thought provoking discussions; form lasting partnerships and learn about developments in the forefront of payments technology and services to keep you one step ahead of competitors.

Organizer: Clarion Gaming

Date: October 2020

Location: London, UK

FT Africa Payments Innovation: Powering Africa’s Future 2020

This 2020 conference focuses on the African market, its challenges, opportunities, needs and projected growth. Attending the conference will be professionals from a wide range of sectors including government, telecoms, payments solutions, retail and FinTech. Among the topics to be discussed at this conference will be how to meet the payments needs of Africa’s next generation and other issues specifically relating to finance in Africa. Among the hottest issues to be discussed are cross-border interoperations in Africa; KYC processes; mobile services; free-trade agreements and how they affect the finance industry; regulation; OEMs and the future of finance in Africa.

Organizer: Financial Times Live

Date: March, 2020

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

MoneyLive Spring 2020

This payments event is for all payments professionals, FinTech and retail bankers. Over 300 attendees are expected representing more than 150 companies from over 40 countries. The event is actually two-in-one with two conferences in the same venue – MoneyLIVE: Cards & Payments and MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe. You can choose to attend events from both conferences depending on what interests you most and hand-pick the sessions that relate best to your business. Here you’ll learn about challenges facing the payments and banking worlds and have a chance to meet leading payments providers and processors, digital challengers, retail bank representatives and FinTech professionals. The conferences will include case studies, workshops, Q&A sessions, debates and keynote speakers. Among the many topics covered there will be SEPA, AI, PSD2, authentication and customer experience. There will also be ample opportunity to network with your peers.

Organizer: Marketforce Business Media Ltd.

Date: March, 2020

Location: Madrid, Spain

Seamless Middle East 2020

At Seamless Middle East 2020 there will be over 400 speakers, more than 350 exhibitors, 8 conferences and over 250 special events and sessions. About 10,000 payments professionals are expected to attend. The event offers a range of conference agendas specifically geared towards professionals from the payments industry, eCommerce, retail and FinTech. All attendees are welcome to visit the exhibition where technology providers from across the globe will be presenting their products and services. Among the products and solutions being presented there will be those focused on self-service; omnichannel retailing, POS, inventory management, mobile payments, digital marketing and more. Here payments professionals can discover solutions to the challenges facing the payments industry, alternative payments strategies and the latest opportunities available.

Organizer: Terrapinn

Date: April, 2020

Location: Dubai, UAE

Blockchain Life 2020

This is one of the world’s largest forums for cryptocurrency and Blockchain bringing together over 5,000 professionals from over 70 countries. The event will include presentations by over 80 speakers and an exhibition floor with more than 120 exhibitors. Attendees will include company owners and managers involved in the Blockchain industry, crypto exchanges, crypto traders, start-ups, analysts, fund managers and investors. Attendees will be exposed to the latest innovative tools for professional growth. Blockchain Life has proved itself to be an event where new partnerships are formed and professionals meet to develop new projects.

Organizer: Listing.Help

Date: April, 2020

Location: Singapore


If you find payments events impractical then you’ll find PAYMENTSfn different from any other payments event you’ve attended. PAYMENTSfn is a technical conference focused on issues faced by payments technologists and professionals involved in building payments systems. The conference topics will look at practical solutions to the challenges facing technical payments professionals. 2020 will be the third year that PAYMENTSfn has provided a venue for all professionals working with payments technology including product pros, engineers and others. This conference offers the unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, learn, find solutions and forge new collaborations. The conference includes practical sessions specifically focused on the challenges in building payments systems.


Date:  May, 2020

Location: Durham, NC, US

FinovateSpring 2020

Finovate conferences present the latest cutting-edge finance and banking technology. Finovate, banking technology research company organizes this event and the technology presented is hand-picked to insure only the best innovations and latest advances in the industry are presented. Finovate holds conferences in spring and fall in different world regions and each time with a unique agenda. The aim is to offer attendees insights into the future of FinTech through expert speakers, interactive discussion panels, workshops and innovative short-form demos.  A wide range of topics will be addressed during FinovateSpring including innovative payments technology, payments solution strategies, virtual bank accounts, ways to improve your payments business and FinTech collaborations. In addition there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

Organizer: Finovate

Date: May, 2020

Locations: San Francisco, CA, USA

The 2020 Summit

In 2020 Canada’s largest and most important payments conference will host industry leaders who will discuss present and future issues facing the payments industry as well as the ever-changing payments ecosystem. The mobile payments conference will examine areas such as AI, regulation compliance, Blockchain, consumer protection, Cyber security and Cryptocurrencies. The summit will be focused on current changes in the payments industry and offer a platform for attendees to debate the present and future transformation of payments infrastructure. Among the scheduled events will be cutting edge presentations and innovative speakers that will give you the knowledge to launch your business into the future.

Organizer: Payments Canada

Date: May, 2020

Locations: Montreal, Canada

Money 20/20

In 2020 the payments event, Money 20/20 will welcome more than 6,000 professionals from the payments and finance industry including FinTech and financial services. Approximately a third of attendees are from the payments industry and others are from the technology field, banking services and other key financial sectors. Over 2,000 companies from about 82 countries are expected to attend Money 20/20 as in previous years. The payments event focuses on the European market and will offer regional insights; access to the latest innovations in payments and insights into the region’s financial industry. You will have a chance to network with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and the movers-and-shakers of Europe’s financial world. Included in the agenda will be product launches, presentations, speakers, networking events and industry announcements.

Organizer: Money 20/20

Date: June, 2020

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Banking Innovation Forum 2020

This payments event will cover payment innovations, AI; open banking; the latest banking trends; digital banking; customer experience; PSD2; mobile banking; instant payments; Blockchain; retail banking and more. The event will feature industry leaders, innovators and decision makers. There will be open panel discussions; interactive Q&A sessions; case studies; networking opportunities and speakers.

Date: June, 2020

Location: Viena, Austria

Mobile Payments Conference 2020

This powerful conference and exhibition is geared specifically to those in the mobile payments industry. There will be over 70 speakers, all leaders in their field; training sessions and networking opportunities. The latest mobile payments innovations; current and future challenges facing the industry plus mobile payments technology and Cypersecurity will be the hot topics of this conference.

Organizer: MPA Inc.

Date: August, 2020

Location: USA

Sibos 2020 London

Sibos is a leading international financial services networking event organized by SWIFT. The event brings together over 8,000 industry leaders, executives, innovators and decision makers from diverse sectors of the finance industry across the globe. Sibos is held annually in a different host city each year and in 2020 Sibos will be held in Boston. The event encompasses a conference and exhibition where industry professionals will be able to network, discuss, debate and learn from their peers and experts in the financial world. There will be workshops, a huge exhibition floor of over 200 booths, keynote speakers and panel discussions. Among the hot subject being discussed are cash management, securities, payments methods, financial services, successful business models, new platforms, digital technology, AI and more.

Organizer: SWIFT

Date: September, 2020

Location: London, UK

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