Questions and Answers Curacao Gaming License

Where can Curacao Gaming Licenses Operate

Although the Internet is global there is no one legislation covering all online gaming in every country. Different regions in the world have different legislation regarding online gaming. These online gaming jurisdictions have their own licensing authorities which regulate the licensing and operation of gaming sites accessible to players in their jurisdiction. All online gaming sites must abide by the regulations of the jurisdiction where their license was issued and by the regulations in the jurisdictions where their site is available to players. For example a website with an online gaming license issued in Curacao but available to players in the UK will have to abide by the laws of the Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authority and the UK Gaming Commission. Curacao gambling license-holders cannot operate in all jurisdiction across the globe but can only accept players from countries permitted by the license agreement.

Where are Curacao Gaming License Holders Permitted to Operate?

Operators with a Curacao gaming license can accept players from any jurisdiction that is not prohibited by the license agreement. These countries, like Costa Rica impose no restriction on foreign license holders. Curacao license holders can operate in countries where there are no laws regarding online gambling or where Curacao license holders are included in a select number permitted to operate in that jurisdiction.

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Where are Curacao Gaming License Holders not Permitted to Operate?

Operators with a Curacao gaming license cannot accept players from jurisdictions where no form of online gambling is permitted e.g. Brunei, UAE, North Korea, Lebanon and others. Curacao-licensed gaming sites cannot operate in jurisdictions where foreign license holders are not allowed to operate.

Other online gaming jurisdictions will require Curacao gaming license holders to obtain specialized licenses. In some jurisdictions advertising and payment options may be limited or require special permission. Curacao gaming licenses costs are undoubtedly one of the most flexible licenses available.

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