The Complete Guide How to Start an Online Casino Business

In this Guide you will read about:

Gaming Company Formation

How to Obtain Gaming License

Open Corporate Bank Accounts

Gaming White Label/Software

Promotion and Marketing

Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)

The steps to start an online casino

Research your Market

Prior to starting your online casino business, research your potential market and educate yourself as to the risks and requirements. Find out what your target audience wants from an online gaming site and take a look at your competitors to see what is already offered. Use your market research to polish your business plan and other critical details about the organization of your company.


Choose an iGaming Software Provider and White Label Solutions

Choosing a reliable igaming software provider is perhaps the most critical choice when starting a gaming website like an online casino or bingo.

The quality of your website and the user experience it offers will depend largely on your software. Ensure that your software provider has experience with online casinos; offers customization software; supports multiple payment options and has an advanced gaming management system.

For people who know little about software or want the easiest and fastest option, there are “white label” solution providers that offer out-of-the-box answers. With white label solutions, the site is already built and requires only the brand name and design according to your personal preference. A white label solution should provide your players with an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface with intuitive controls. Some casino software packages come with built-in payment methods. Consider what options the software offers players – live games, mobile games, multi-players etc. Making your gaming website mobile-friendly is essential in this day and age.

Most online casino white label solutions offer fully functional software so that you can launch your site within a short period of time and with minimum involvement in the development process. Using a white label is a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure that you are complying with regulations and have all the technical requirements to go live as soon as possible. The optimum White Label igaming solution will cover all aspects of launching an internet gaming business from the gaming platform, tax calculations, backend system and website design to payment systems, licensing and CRM.

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    Choose an Online Casino License Provider

    You will need to consider which licenses are required in the country where your company is registered and which licenses are required to operate in the

    jurisdiction of your target audience. Some online gaming licenses cover all forms of gaming while other jurisdictions require that you have a different license for each type of gaming. Licensing requirements vary, for example in Curacao there is one gaming license to cover all forms of online gaming and in the UK you need an operating license and a personal management license. With a license from a reputable jurisdiction, your players will feel reassured by the regulations enforced for their protection.  Choose a gaming license from a jurisdiction where there are friendly tax laws; where the license fees are reasonable and where the license is accepted in a wide range of countries. Read here about Curacao Gaming License

    It is advisable to employ the services of a lawyer with experience in the online gaming industry. Formulating a company that operates online comes with various legal requirements and there are many rules and regulations for the gaming industry.

    If using a comprehensive white label solution, you are covered by the platform gaming license and as long as you follow their compliance and procedures you can operate under your iGaming provider’s license and start the online casino business fast.


    Choose Payment System Provider

    All online gaming sites need a payment system that players will trust with their financial information. Your chosen payment system must be safe, swift and efficient. Find a provider with a good track record and one that offers players multiple payment methods. This is a must when starting an online casino business.

    Important factors to look for in a payment system provider include fraud detection; does it support multiple currencies and be integrated with your site. Security is imperative; all payment details and sensitive information must have guaranteed security to protect both the players and your business. Your gaming website must include a strong defense system including firewalls and other safety measures. Read more here


    Promotion and Marketing

    In a highly saturated market like iGaming you will need an excellent marketing plan that includes social media marketing; gambling forums; article marketing; blogging and online advertising using knowledge of search terms and SEO. A good marketing campaign requires a substantial investment but with careful planning, hard work and luck you will soon see returns.


    Open a Business Bank Account

    You will need to open a business bank account in order to make and receive payments, track your finances and have an official record

    of your accounts. In most cases, gaming companies open a few bank accounts that if there is a case when an account must be closed, the company can sustain its’ business and can keep pay for suppliers and receive funds from PSPs and players. Again, this is truly a must when starting an online casino website.

    Read our guide for gaming bank account here


    Other points to consider when starting a white label casino:

    • Choosing the Type of Gaming Content – Different types of games are popular in different jurisdictions. Offer the games that suit your target audience. Perhaps you can offer more games as your business grows. You’ll find that the classic games like slot machines are most popular but you should also look at including the latest trends for players who want to try something different.
    • Choosing a Domain Name and Website Design – Both the gaming site’s name and appearance need to be appealing. The website name should be short, easy to remember, and catchy. The website appearance should appeal to your target audience; have banners that attract the players at first glance; sign-up should be straightforward and things like bonuses, promotions, jackpots and loyalty programs should be clearly evident. As well as including all these elements your site needs to be clean with no unnecessary graphics that will slow down loading time and make the player experience less than friendly. 
    • Cost and Investment – If you aren’t ready to make a huge investment in the beginning then remember you can always add features to your site as you go along. Customer support is one of the important points to consider. Although it can be costly the ultimate goal should be to have 24/7 customer chat support but you can start off with a simple contact form. If you are offering live games then live support is a must. Another point to consider is player safety and solutions for gambling additions. If you can offer support to players with addiction issues and integrate anti-addiction safeguards into your site you will be taken more seriously. Calculate your estimated costs, build a solid plan, consider all aspects and possible outcomes, and build a loyal player base. Before finally launching your online gaming business thoroughly test it, iron out any problems, make adjustments and upgrades then go live!

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